What is Educare Course all about?

Educare refers to the practice of taking care of children. It simply means to educate and to care. While parents or guardians are off to work or busy running errands, they need to place their trust in someone to look after their little ones.

Educare will teach you everything you need to know. Educare involves working with children in their early developmental stages (generally until they are 5 years old). This rewarding and engaging career path is a great study option for those who enjoy caring for children.

Developing programmes that cater to and promote physical, social, mental and emotional development of young children. Designing and implementing rule systems that promote good behaviour. Ensuring the safety of children.
Entry requirements: Grade 12 or its equivalent.

TIP A learner who doesn’t qualify can first study introduction to Business Studies, this means instead of 18 months the learner will study for a period of 24 months


A student will qualify for a National N Diploma in Educare on completion of a minimum of 12 subjects, ranging from  N4 – N6, together with a minimum of 18 months in-service training.

The College assists students with in service training as part of the learner support programme.

Certification Body:

All N Certificate and Diplomas are issued by the National Department of Education and are recognized by Commerce and Industry

First Semester Subjects

  • Educare Didactics N4
  • Child Health N4
  • Education N4
  • Day Care Personnel Development N4

Second Semester Semester Subjects

  • Educare Didactics N5
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Management N4
  • Educational Psychology N5
  • Day Care Communication N5

Third Semester Subjects.

  • Educare Didactics N6
  • Day Care Management N6
  • Educational Psychology N6
  • Day Care Communication N6

Job Opportunities

  1. You can work as a playschool teacher,
  2. You can work as a day care centre administrator,
  3. You can work as a day care centre manager
  4. You can work as assistant Grade R teacher.
  5. You can start up your own ECD centre.
  6. You can plan on furthering your education at university-level in future

Mode of Study

You can study;

  • Full Time
  • Part Time
  • Online
  • Correspondence

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