Project Manager


The purpose of this qualification is to prepare a learner to operate as a Project Manager. A Project Manager applies knowledge of project management to achieve project objectives in a specific field of application.

A qualified learner will be able to:

  • Initiate a project to address specific project objectives.
  • Plan and prepare the delivery of a project.
  • Execute and control the delivery of a project management plan.

Manage the project close out process.


  • Project Managers are the people in charge of a specific project or projects within a company or a government entity and any small or large scale development project requires high quality project management skills. The need for a qualification that will serve as a competency framework for the development of project managers is identified by a number of key government strategic frameworks and policy documents. Project Managers however can work in a variety of fields, from Information and Communication Technology, Human Resources, Advertising, Marketing, Construction and more.

Improved service delivery and economic growth in South Africa are dependent on the quality of project management skills available in the country. Project management is a cross-cutting function, needed in all social and economic sectors. This qualification presents a competency framework appropriate for South African contexts and was developed and closely benchmarked against international standards.

The qualification establishes a national standard for the training of fully qualified Project Managers and is closely aligned with international best practice. 


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL):

RPL for access to the external integrated summative assessment: Accredited providers and approved workplaces must apply the internal assessment criteria specified in the related curriculum document to establish and confirm prior learning. Accredited providers and workplaces must confirm prior learning by issuing a statement of result or certifying a work experience record.

RPL for access to the qualification: Accredited providers and approved workplaces may recognise prior learning against the relevant access requirements.

Entry Requirements:
Level 4 with Mathematical Literacy and Communication. 


  • Yes


This qualification is made up of the following compulsory Knowledge and Practical Skill Modules:

Knowledge Modules:

Total number of credits for Knowledge Modules: 80.

Practical Skill Modules:

Total number of credits for Practical Skills Modules: 100.

Work Experience Modules:

Total number of credits for Work Experience Modules: 60.



  1. Total fees R14,400 PLUS Reg and Admin fees
  2. Monthly instalment R1200 X 12 months
  • Registration fee R500 (Non Refundable)
  • Admin fee R 2000 (To cover School Uniform, Study Material/ Training Manuals Student card)
  • Once off R 1500 (Practical Training KIT)


A once off practical training fee of R2000 will be paid on or before the commencement of the practical training to enable all students to work and gain practical experience in places or facilities that serve people within the Human Resources, Supply Chain and Procurement Sector

 For us to complete your registration process, the following have to be sent back to us:

  1. ID Copy
  2. Completed application form
  3. Proof of payment of the Registration and Admin fee


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