Real Estate Agent


The purpose of this qualification is to prepare the learner to operate as a Real Estate Agent. A Real Estate Agent guides and facilitates the public in buying, selling, letting, financing, and managing of immovable property and businesses in the best interest of all parties.

A Qualified Learner Will Be Able To

  • Identify the property and real estate environment and ensure compliance with legislative and regulatory framework.
  • Apply Code of Conduct and adhere to ethical business principles.
  • Develop relationships with an internal and / or external client database for provision of property and real estate services.
  • Build a brand reputation and develop a target market.
  • Manage the property and real estate function.
  • Apply business principles to the property and real estate function.


The Property and Real Estate Industry requires professionals who are well-trained and knowledgeable to meet the property and real estate needs of both the residential and non-residential sectors. This qualification strives to equip learners to be able to operate effectively and efficiently in the Property and Real Estate sector. The qualification is a pre-requisite for the admission to the professional designation examination to be conducted by the regulatory authority.

The Property and Real Estate sector is a well-established industry and thus has many learners that would benefit from qualifications aligned to career paths. This means there is a need to develop career paths in this sub-field, as an industry constantly in need of skilled people. The scope of Property and Real Estate is changing and evolving all the time, with opportunities for learners in this arena to get involved in a wide variety of areas within the industry.

Entrants for the qualification would be persons already employed in the industry and new learners entering the labour market. The qualification will provide an opportunity for persons already in the industry to acquire formal recognition for the competencies that they have acquired and enhance their range of skills and knowledge of the industry so that they can become competent practitioners in the property and real estate sector. 


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL):

  • Learners will gain access to the qualification through RPL for Access as provided for in the QCTO RPL Policy. RPL for access is conducted by accredited education institution, skills development provider or workplace accredited to offer that specific qualification/part-qualification.
  • Learners who have acquired competencies of the modules of a qualification or part-qualification will be credited for modules through RPL.

Entry Requirements

  • The minimum entry requirement for this qualification is:

    • NQF Level 3 qualification. 


  • Yes


This qualification is made up of compulsory Knowledge, Practical Skill and Work Experience Modules:

Knowledge Modules:

Total number of credits for Knowledge Modules: 38

Practical Skill Modules:

Total number of credits for Practical Skill Modules: 37

Work Experience Modules:

  • 333402-000-00-WM-01, Procedures to Identify the Property and Real Estate Environment and Comply with Legislative and Regulatory Framework, Level 4, 13 Credits.
  • 333402-000-00-WM-02, Processes and Procedures for Applying the Code of Conduct and Adhering to Ethical Business Principles, Level 5, 15 Credits.
  • 333402-000-00-WM-03, Procedures to Build Internal and / or External Client Relationships and Databases, Level 4, 12 Credits.
  • 333402-000-00-WM-04, Procedures to Provide Strategic and Operational Consulting Service, Level 4, 9 Credits.
  • 333402-000-00-WM-05, Practices to Manage the Property and Real Estate Function, Level 4, 15 Credits.

333402-000-00-WM-06, Process to Apply Financial Business Principles, Level 4, 11 Credits.

Total number of credits for Work Experince Modules: 75



    1. Total fees R14,400 PLUS Reg and Admin fees
    2. Monthly instalment R1200 X 12 months
    • Registration fee R500 (Non Refundable)
    • Admin fee R 2000 (To cover School Uniform, Study Material/ Training Manuals Student card)
    • Once off R 1500 (Practical Training KIT)


A once off practical training fee of R1500 will be paid on or before the commencement of the practical training to enable all students to work and gain practical experience in places or facilities that serve people within real estate sales, brokerage and leasing, property management, institutional real estate investment, real estate consulting, real estate development. For us to complete your registration process, the following have to be sent back to us:

  1. ID Copy
  2. Completed application form
  3. Proof of payment of the Registration and Admin fee


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